Soul of a great Margaux

Château d’Issan is a Third Growth of the 1855 Imperial Classification. The wine is made from the old vines in the Château d’Issan enclosure in the middle of the Margaux appellation. The soil here is mainly made up of surface gravel on top of a clay subsoil, which contributes to optimal ripeness and freshness in our two grape varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Château d’Issan expresses the exquisite bouquet so characteristic of Margaux, and stands out with its suppleness, subtlety, elegance and long keeping potential that come from its unique terroir. Château d’Issan is aged in barrels for 16 to 18 months, half of which are new. Annual production is around 100,000 bottles.

The 2022 vintage


2022 saw intense climatic moments combined with notably high temperatures during the summer, as well as significantly low rainfall. Flowering began on 16"' May, with full flowering on 25"' May, while a relativdy early veraison started on 6'hJuly. The 2022 harvest started and finished in September - the third rime in the history of Château d'Issan that dus has happened, alongside 2003 and 2011. The clay subsoils within our historical clos allowed the vines to withstand extreme summer conditions - including drought and heat - providing the necessary amount of water to preserve the freshness of the fruit. As a result of the warm conditions, the grapes offer exceptional maturity, in terms of both flavour and phenolics. Established in the 18"' century,our precious nature reserve allowed us to maintain balance in the vineyarcl, with natural trenches providing a regular supply of water, and polyculture land enriching the ecosystem, and in turn, the vines. Inaugnrating our new vat room - featuring 16 stainlesssteel nucro-tanks - the selection and vinification of parcds was carried out with even greater accuracy and precision, allowing us to reveal the essence of our different terroirs. Blending took place on 9"' January 2023, with the additional expertise of our œnologist, Eric Boissenot.

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